Tooth Loss And Cognitive Issues

Last month’s Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month reminds us to point out the increasing research that links poor oral health to cognitive decline. You Are What You Eat? Results of a Japanese study of nearly 1,000 older adults suggests that tooth loss (edentulism) may contribute to issues with brain health, and that diminished enjoyment of...

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Pancreatic Cancer’s Link to Periodontal Disease

Another reason to see your dental professionals regularly: Researchers continue to see a relationship between gum (periodontal) disease and other systemic (affecting the entire body) conditions. In this case it’s a heightened risk of developing pancreatic carcinoma. In one recent study from Hebrew University-Hadassah’s Institute of Biomedical and Oral Research, researchers tracked P. gingivalis, a...

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Periodontal Disease and Diabetes: The “Whole Body” Link

Check out our latest article on the link between diabetes and gum disease. Dr. André De Souza states, “Medical research continues to point to the relationship between our oral health and what was once thought to be seemingly unrelated conditions, like diabetes. “In fact,” writes Dr. De Souza, “the ‘whole body’ relationship between your oral...

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“Ain’t That the Tooth!”

Listen to our very own Dr. Frederic J. Norkin discuss the importance of oral health care and assistance for veterans on the recently aired “Ain’t That the Tooth” podcast. Produced by The South Florida District Dental Association, the podcast features Dr. Norkin and other area dentists discussing how they help veterans as part of The...

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Renewing Gum Health With Lasers

With our state-of-the-art periodontal (gum) disease treatment, called LANAP® , we utilize an FDA-approved PerioLase MVP-7 laser to treat gum disease. We’ve been using this minimally invasive laser system since 2014 as one of our favorite treatment modalities for gum disease. How Does Laser Therapy Treat Gum Disease? LANAP laser therapy utilizes a tiny fiber...

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Woman's smile with white teeth

Periodontal Treatment— “Almost a Spa Day”

We always appreciate receiving feedback from our patients who share their experiences with our practice via direct communication and popular online platforms. Recently, patient Peter L. kindly gave us his 5-star review—and more. Peter said that “it’s almost like a spa day when I get treatment at this office. Everyone is so nice and gentle...

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Nancy Headshot

Employee Spotlight: Meet Nancy Mandato

Nancy Mandato is considered a cherished “veteran” here at South Florida Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants even though she hasn’t served in the military. The dedicated, part-time hygiene appointment coordinator has diligently served our practice for more than 28 years and we’re thrilled to still have her with us. Nancy originally worked with Dr....

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Portrait of Kelley Kudzai

Employee Spotlight: Meet Kelley Kudzia!

Our reception area here at South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry is a busy hub where four dedicated team members take calls, answer questions, schedule appointments and handle finances. The manager of the group, Kelley Kudzia, was twice voted Employee of the Month by her peers last year, a recognition that helps demonstrate...

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Handsome mid adult man smiling and looking at camera. Portrait of happy young casual man

Immediate Dental Implants

This practice has been savings smiles with same-day implant-supported teeth since 1996, when we first introduced implemented process known as immediate-load dental implants. It was a revolutionary concept back then, and we were at the forefront of the technique which offered restorations of one tooth up to full mouth of teeth in one day. Our...

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Senior woman in the dental office.

Tips for Dental Implant Success

Our “Dr. Lili” Liliana Aranguren offers “Five Tips for Dental Implant Success” in Best of Healthy Life. At South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we’re always excited to share our knowledge, enthusiasm and advice in this field. We’re always thrilled to introduce new patients to the innovative world of implant dentistry which offers...

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