Study Clubs

We help our colleagues keep up to date on the latest research, treatment protocols and practice management via several study clubs. These continuing education experiences help all of us increase knowledge and compare surgical techniques and clinical applications. 

For more information on specific programs and speakers, please contact any of the doctors at

  • SFCPID ITI Study Club

    This ITI-affiliated study club group meets approximately four evenings per year and features expert speakers on various topics related to implant dentistry. We welcome new members and strongly encourage them to join the ITI in order to take advantage of the rich benefits of this international group including international symposia, a dense, online continuing education menu and numerous publications. We are proud to be one of the few ITI study clubs in South Florida. 

    Friday, April 14, 2023
    Implementing Digital Dentistry To Enhance Patient Outcomes and Differentiate Your Practice for Superior Esthetic Dentistry: Part 3
    Dr. Gerard Chiche
    Full-Day LIVE Event. NO ZOOM OPTION
    8:00am-4:00pm —7 CEU
    Meridian Hotel, 1825 Griffin Road, Dania Beach, FL 33004 USA



  • Spear Study Club Logo

    SFCPID Spear Study Club

    This Spear Education group meets approximately eight evenings per year in a small group setting, loosely guided by the learning modules and curricula created by Spear Education. The group also attends a symposium together annually sponsored by Spear. In addition to the multi-specialty group learning, Spear offers education and instruction in virtually every area of treatment planning and practice management and is a great resource for personal development and knowledge enhancement.

  • Woman Speaks Into A Microphone

    RDH Study Club

    Dental hygienists are key members of the treatment team but are often overlooked for continuing education options. Dentists strongly rely on them to be their diagnosticians and liaisons with their patients but often don’t provide ongoing training. This group meets approximately three evenings per year and is primarily organized by our hygienists to include topics and speakers they find timely and relevant.

  • Bottle With Glass Of Red Wine And Cheese

    Vino Perio

    This group was created for dentists who want to learn about food, wine and dentistry, all at the same time. Meeting about six times per year, it is a small, curated group.