Yomi® Robotic-Guided Implant Surgery

The Yomi robotic dental system is the first and only FDA-cleared robotic device for dental implant surgery. The system allows the dental team to plan the surgery virtually in software using a cone-beam CT scan of the patient. Yomi provides intraoperative visual, auditory and physical guidance to help deliver repeatable surgical precision. An open-implant surgical guidance system, Yomi allows for intraoperative adjustments to plan, enabling the surgical dentist to adapt to a wide range of clinical situations. The technology brings together the dental team’s clinical expertise with the benefits of robotic surgery.

Yomi is in clinical use with leading dental surgeons who share the desire to elevate their dental practices and bring a new level of care to dental implant surgery.

Patient Benefits of Yomi Robot-Assisted Dental Surgery

Robotic Assistance

Robotic assistance is prevalent across surgical disciplines, used to help treat over 1,000,000 patients every year. Yomi is now changing implant dentistry as the first robotic guidance system for dental surgery. Using a simple digital workflow, Yomi delivers real-time multi-sensory guidance to dental implant surgeons.

Haptic Guidance (relating to the sense of touch)

Yomi RobotYomi provides physical cues that guide the dental surgeon’s hand to the precise angulation and location for planned osteotomy (surgical cutting or removal of bone). Once in position, Yomi securely maintains hand piece trajectory, preventing unintended deviation from plan. Should the patient move, Yomi tracks and follows patient motion. When the drill bit reaches planned depth, Yomi provides the dental surgeon with the solid confidence of a physical “hard stop.”

Distinct audio cues are provided for at each step in the process. The dental surgeon can also obtain visual confirmation and quantitative data through the graphic display on the Yomi monitor.