Employee Spotlight: Meet Nancy Mandato

Nancy Mandato is considered a cherished “veteran” here at South Florida Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants even though she hasn’t served in the military. The dedicated, part-time hygiene appointment coordinator has diligently served our practice for more than 28 years and we’re thrilled to still have her with us.

Nancy originally worked with Dr. Ganeles in 1996 when the practice was first located in Mizner Park. She’s seen a lot of change over the decades, notwithstanding a change of address and the practice’s continued growth. Today, a team of five dental specialists are supported by an enthusiastic staff of hygienists, coordinators, receptionists, finance staff and other healthcare professionals.

“In the beginning, I manually wrote in our dental hygiene appointments,” recalls Nancy. “Then, when the practice became computerized, they had to hide my “book” from me – I can laugh about it now, but back then it was daunting to go from paper to PC.”

Nancy notes how the practice has also evolved in terms of the continual introduction of treatment technologies that “always somehow makes our practice even better than before” and office renovations that provide more comfort for the both the practice’s staff and patients.

Born in Brooklyn, Nancy moved to South Florida at the age of nine. Outside the office, she still loves keeping healthy with jazzercise. She enjoys trip planning as well, with visits to Iceland and Italy in her near future. When not on the move, Nancy also relishes outdoor quiet time. As a Ft. Lauderdale resident, one of her favorite pastimes is simply sitting by the river on beautiful Las Olas Boulevard to watch the “fabulous” boats go by.

“It’s like the I-95 corridor for boats,” she says. “I can sit for hours enjoying the view.”

If you’re scheduling a periodontal cleaning with us, you’ll find yourself in great hands with Nancy and her scheduling teammates – Kelley, Victoria and Juliana.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about your periodontal cleanings. Referrals from other dental or medical professionals are always welcomed but are not required to see us and improve your oral health.