Crown & Bridge Implants

SFC Crown and BridgeWhen multiple teeth are missing, we may recommend a (permanent) Bridged Implant Restoration. This treatment option provides a strong and reliable prosthesis that can only be removed by your dentist. The fixed bridge can be used to restore one section of teeth, up to an entire arch of teeth anchored by two to eight dental implants. This type of restoration offers a long lasting, natural look and feel. Often, a TeethToday® approach can be used to avoid temporary partial dentures (flipper) or being toothless during implant maturation.

Permanent crowns and fixed bridges are normally created from superior strength and esthetic materials such as porcelain-coated metals, glass-ceramics or zirconia. We take into consideration both appearance and function when selecting the material that works best for each individual patient. Your restorative dentist completes the final restoration once implants are confirmed to be fully healed to the surrounding jawbone with healthy surrounding gums. Once implants are placed, we monitor their healing in the jaw with dental x-rays or other non-invasive devices that measure healing.

View our Smile Gallery to see some before and after images of patients who have achieved success with crown and bridge dental implant restorations.