Esthetic Zone Implants

Esthetic Zone implantsWe refer to the area of the mouth that is most prominent when you smile as the “Esthetic” or “Smile Zone” and usually mean the upper front and side teeth.

Most people are highly sensitive to the appearance of their teeth and gums which are most prominent when they smile. Dental implant placement and restoration in this highly visible area, even if when replacing just one tooth, is best addressed by a highly skilled specialist, like our doctors.

The procedure can be even more technically challenging if there are multiple missing teeth or issues with gum tissue or bone.

Dental implant placement in the esthetic zone leaves little room for error, which is why there are usually multiple “ingredients” to placing an implant in this area.  Often additional procedures like small gum grafts, bone grafts and tissue contouring are needed for a perfect result.

Precision surgery, using advanced diagnostics, computer generated guides or robotics are also often used to optimize results and minimize risks. Esthetic failure and patient dissatisfaction can occur with mishandling soft or hard tissue.

Our dental implant surgeons, Doctors Ganeles, Norkin, Aranguren, De Souza and Zfaz, closely partner with restorative dentists to create and execute a complete, clinically-sound treatment plan individualized to your specific situation. We share common goals—superior clinical outcome, predictability and highest patient satisfaction!

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