Financial/Insurance Information

Patient in reception area of office of doctor or dentist, handing her health insurance card over the counter to the nurse, the doctor standing in the background and is writing things on a clipboard

At SFCPID, we make every effort to provide affordable dental care to our patients. We also do our best to adjust to our patients’ requirements in planning for a wise investment in their dental/periodontal health. Your smile and overall oral health are important to us, which is why we do all we can to provide superior, affordable dental care.

We always provide a cost estimate. This will give you up-front information regarding your reimbursement from your insurance company, and how much of the treatment cost will be considered “out-of-pocket.”

Please remember our insurance coordinators deal with many different insurance companies so they may not be experts on your specific policy. Some companies offer many different dental plans and policies with guidelines that change almost weekly so  it may not be possible to have the most up-to-date information for you. In most cases a four- to six-week period will elapse before we receive treatment coverage information. In addition, many insurance companies will not release benefit information until treatment is completed.

Financing Options

Interest-free or low-interest payment plans are available for those who qualify and wish to pay their care over time through different financing options. These flexible payment plans never change over the life of the loan. There is no retroactive interest, no upfront payments or pre-payment penalties. It’s easy to calculate your potential monthly payments. Simply complete a short application which displays fixed rates and monthly payments available. For more information on our affordable dental care and financing options, please contact us at 561-912-9993.

Keep in mind that all fees are payable at each visit. At the end of each visit, you will be given a completed insurance form to submit to your insurance company, along with all necessary treatment information. They will also be prompted to send any and all reimbursements to you directly.

Credit Card Payments

For your convenience, we accept MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover in addition to cash or check payments.