Leave our Office with Beautiful, Fully Functional Teeth!

If you are missing even one tooth, your oral health, and consequently your overall “systemic” health, can be affected.

TeethToday® is our term for dental implants that are immediately restored with a fixed temporary cap, crown or fixed bridge including single teeth, sections of teeth or full arches of teeth. These immediate teeth are made of acrylic or resin materials so they can be created quickly and look natural.

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The term TeethToday® was trademarked by SFCPID in 2002 to describe our pioneering immediate treatment options that were unique at that time.

While these procedures are more commonly available today, we have over two decades of experience and innovative resources and thousands of satisfied patients who have benefited from these procedures.

While not every patient or every situation requires or can receive TeethToday®, we can assure you that if you qualify, YOU WILL NOT LEAVE OUR OFFICE WITHOUT TEETH!

Also, be assured that implants placed using TeethToday® are just as successful and long lasting as those placed by more conventional methods.