Behind the Scenes: We’re Also Educators!

Our newest dental specialist, Dr. André Barbisan De Souza, will speak in June 2023 at the International Team for Implantology (ITI) Congress North America to be held nearby in Miami.

video testimonial from monica

Continually Changing Lives with Dental Implants

Our patient Monica says Dr. Norkin really changed her life—for the better!

New Year’s Resolutions to Help Keep Your Teeth in Great Shape

Now’s a great time to resolve to take better care of your precious smile!

If You Think You Have Gum Disease, Don’t Delay Treatment!

If left untreated, severe gum disease can actually lead to tooth loss.

Three Big Celebrations in One Event!

Exciting news: A new partner, a new doctor and new digs!

Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone – Every Detail Matters

Precison planning is required before the placement of any dental implants; this is especially critical in the front of the mouth called the “smile zone.”

Yes, You Can Obtain Dental Implants Without Anxiety!

With our safe and reliable sedation options even individuals with severe dental anxieties can obtain the important dental care they need.

In the Spotlight: Introducing André Barbisan De Souza, DMD, MSc

We warmly welcome Dr. De Souza to our practice!

The Downside of Dental Tourism

If dental implant work done abroad or elsewhere doesn’t live up to your expectations, count on us to rectify even the worst situations.

Changing Her Smile With Help From Dr. Ganeles

“Having Dr. Ganeles along with his technology was the best combination I could ask for!”