Technology Leaders in Dentistry

We’re proudly refining the impact of robotics in the field of implant dentistry, one smile at a time.

Employee Spotlight: Meet Andrea Gutierrez

When Andrea Gutierrez came to New Jersey from Colombia at the age of 14, she didn’t speak a word of English. It was a demanding period in her life due

robotic assisted dental implant surgery

The Future is Now

Our robotic-assisted surgical tool helps us maintain even greater accuracy for optimal dental implant outcomes.

AI Technology

What’s Even Better Than X-Ray Vision? AI Vision!

Our latest AI tool represents a big leap forward in digital dental x-rays.

Dr. Ganeles Presenting at ITI

Florida’s International Dental Implant Conference—We Were There!

Virtual implant planning and guided surgery helps us precisely visualize soft and hard tissue in the mouth to secure your dental implant in an ideal, digitally planned position.

Woman with Curly Hair Laughing

Beautiful Teeth in Just One Day

Our office was a pioneer in what’s known as the “immediate loading” of dental implants.

Dr Lili Welcome Back Cake

Welcome Back, “Dr. Lili!”

Did you know? Doctors Aranguren and Norkin are licensed to provide IV and conscious sedation for patients with dental anxieties, which means all our doctors are able to treat sedated patients.

Our Doctors Are Also Educators and Authors

Read about the latest lecturing and authorship adventures of Drs. Ganeles and De Souza.

Do Your Teeth Look Too Long?

Individuals with severe gum recession, a form of gum disease, may think that their teeth somehow look too long. Sometimes, in cases with individuals with gingival (gum) recession, greater than

We Appreciate Our Support Teams!

You appreciate our fabulous surgical assistants, periodontal hygienists and front desk staff… and so do we!