We’re In The News!

So proud as always of Doctors Ganeles, Norkin and Aranguren. They recently collaborated with other national and international colleagues for an informative dental implant research published online for the International Team for Implantology, the global association of dental implant experts.

In the May 2021 issue of Forum Implantologicum the doctors describe some of the critical clinical decisions that are made when selecting the perfect dental implant components for each individual patient, including the post or screw that goes into the jaw to replace a missing tooth root and the abutment (the connector piece) which connects to that implant post. The article also focuses on options and decisions regarding the final restoration (a crown, bridge or denture).

As stated in the article, “Patient-or site-related factors such as timing of implant placement and loading protocol, esthetic or non-esthetic zone, hard and soft tissue anatomy, restorative space, availability of restorative components and single or multiple-tooth rehabilitation, all impact the selection of specific implant designs. Clinicians should be aware of the favorable and unfavorable features of each implant design for case selection in order to increase treatment success.”