We’re Your Oral Plastic Surgeons of Dentistry

While South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry may be widely known for our expertise in gum disease diagnosis and treatment as well as dental implant placement surgery, patients can also come to us with more aesthetic, cosmetic questions and concerns. You may not immediately think of the field of periodontics when it comes to plastic surgery, but the fact is that, with simple oral surgical procedures, we can often adjust gum and bone tissue around your teeth to not only enhance your appearance but also, in many instances, improve your smile and self-image. Some examples include:

Gummy Smiles And Crown Lengthening

Excess gum tissue can seem to make your teeth look too short. We can remove this excess gum tissue (called a “gummy smile”) and reshape your gums to expose more of the tooth or a full arch of teeth.

Gum Recession

In some cases, tooth roots are exposed due to gum recession, also known as receding gums or gingival recession. Utilizing various procedures depending on your particular situation (gum grafting surgery, Pinhole® rejuvenation and more) we can enhance your smile while covering that recession which can otherwise lead to sensitivity, cavities or loose teeth.

Lip Repositioning

In a relatively simple oral surgical procedure, we can restrict the movement of your top lip to move that “elevator lip” down slightly into a more attractive position. We limit gum exposure and thereby create a more aesthetically appealing smile.

At South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we offer many ways of improving the vitality of your smile with oral plastic surgery techniques. While we often work closely with restorative dentists, you do not require a referral to see us. Contact our office today to discuss your particular “smile zone” questions (the area that shows in the front when you smile) and see how we can help create or restore your beautiful smile.