Virtually Sharing Ideas

Thanks to video conferencing platforms like Zoom, our doctors are able to continue hosting and attending professional continuing education seminars despite challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

All our doctors share a passion for lifelong learning and consider themselves fundamentally problem solvers when it comes to assessing patient issues and finding the best solutions.

Recently, Dr. Ganeles was honored to teach a virtual course for Penn Dental Medicine’s (University of Pennsylvania) continuing education program lecture series. Penn Dental is one of the excellent institutions that gave Dr. Ganeles his educational start in the field of periodontics. After being named valedictorian at Boston University’s Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry, Dr. Ganeles received specialty training in periodontics at Penn.

Dr. Ganeles is one of our country’s top periodontists. He’s authored more than 50 articles and clinical texts and has taught at numerous academic institutions both in the US and abroad. You can read more about Dr. Ganeles and our other esteemed, board-certified periodontists here.

Photo below: Dr. Ganeles’ class from Penn Dental Medicine – can you spot him?