Titanium is Tops!

We surgically implant titanium bases into the jawbone. This implant, which is basically an artificial root, fuses naturally with the jaw in a wonderful, natural process called osseointegration. The new implant mimics the important tooth support you’d have with a natural tooth.  An abutment (often called a post) is screwed on top of the dental implant, which allows your dentist to attach a crown, which is the part that looks like a natural tooth.

More Than One Dental Implant

Sometimes several implants are used to support multiple teeth, which is called a permanent implant bridge.  Depending on the specific conditions or situation, it might only take four implants to support a full arch (full upper or full lower) of teeth which might otherwise have up to 12 teeth in it.

Benefits of Titanium Dental Implants

  • Titanium won’t interfere with x-rays or MRIs
  • It’s one of the strongest metals yet is also very lightweight
  • The post stimulates bone growth which helps support our jawbone
  • The new “tooth” allows you to bite and chew like normal

Variety of Implants

There are many manufacturers of dental implants, but at the South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry we use implants from only the best companies (like Straumann, NobelBiocare, Dentsply, Zimmer and BioHorizon), ones that spend significant amounts on research and development to ensure that they offer the best dental implant products for their patients and clinicians. Take a look at this fascinating “How It’s Made” video for more information on titanium dental implants, and tell us if you’d like a consultation.