The Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

Occasionally, we remind our patients that the concept of dental implants is not new. While our expert practitioners, using today’s state-of-the-art technology, create long-term success with implant replacement, the idea for replacing natural teeth with implants has been around for centuries.

man smilingToday’s dental implants, virtually impossible to tell from regular teeth by anyone other than your dental specialist, have evolved quite a bit since the bamboo pegs, shell fragments and carved stones that may have been used 4,000 years ago! Since the success of high-grade titanium bone fusion in the 1960s (a process known as osseointegration), today’s dental implants are designed for seamless integration with your jaw. Topped by natural-looking restorations, these implants can bring vast improvements to your oral (and overall) health and smile aesthetics.

Replacement Teeth That Look Natural

Dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth. You’ll chew foods just like normal —or perhaps even better if you’ve been dealing with failing teeth or dentures. These replacement teeth are the closest you can get to your natural teeth.

Overall, dental implants can improve your quality of life. They:

  • Are easy to maintain – just like regular teeth
  • Don’t require any special adhesive or care
  • Allow you to eat normally
  • Won’t change your bite
  • Can improve your smile’s appearance
  • Help keep adjacent teeth in place
  • Help you avoid bone loss/jawbone shrinkage

What’s The Dental Implant Process?

After careful evaluation and treatment planning, we strategically surgically implant a titanium post in your jaw where the missing tooth root was located. Through the natural osseointegration process, the post acts like a tooth root, preventing further bone loss, stimulating new bone growth and keeping your face shape intact. A connector piece, called an abutment, is threaded into the top of the implant post, on which a crown that’s custom-designed to match your other teeth is fitted. Again, no one except your dental professional will be able to tell the difference between your other natural teeth and the implant.

Immediate “Loading” Of Teeth

In some instances, we can replace teeth with “immediate” temporary yet functional teeth thanks to our TeethToday® ™ implant procedures. You can leave our office with a beautiful smile right away.  This applies to anywhere from a single tooth, to a full arch of teeth (upper or lower). Other commercial terms for replacing all the teeth in one arch are All-on-4™, ProArch™, Teeth-in-a-Day™, Done-in-One© , Clear Choice© and Same-Day-Smile©. (Note that we have been performing this full arch procedure for more than 25 years, before all the other names were conceived!). We take out failing teeth and strategically place 4-6 implants per arch to hold a permanent bridge of natural-looking teeth in place with this highly successful, practical solution. Our practice trademarked the term TeethToday more than two decades ago. It described the pioneering process that, unique at that time, has been utilized thousands of times since to the delight of patients all over the country.

Contact Us For More Information

Healthy, natural teeth are always best, which is why we urge patients to practice good oral hygiene at home and see their dentist regularly. And, for individuals with gum disease, we offer an arsenal of reliable, proven treatments to help you keep your natural teeth. But if natural teeth are too diseased or already missing, dental implants are the next best thing. Since every patient’s situation is different, there is no simple assembly line type solution.  Schedule a consultation with us today to see how we may help you obtain the healthy, beautiful smile of your dreams with dental implants.