Short, Square-Looking Teeth? We Can Help

For many decades, Americans have been recognized across the globe for their beautiful smiles. While some cultures may interpret smiling at strangers negatively, Americans are known to appreciate smiles and offer broad smiles to others as ways of expressing happiness, gratitude and simple politeness.

Many Still Don’t Like Their Smiles

For all the happy smiles out there, there are a large portion of us who are embarrassed to show our smiles. Some estimates say that up to 40% of individuals feel this way. One of the chief complaints we hear is from patients who feel their teeth appear too short or square when they smile. Some individuals complain about looking “juvenile” when they smile because they feel their teeth look too little for their face. These patients simply feel their smiles don’t really reflect their personalities. Other patients don’t like showing so much gum tissue, a condition we call “gummy smile.”

Smile Enhancements

At the South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we regularly address these common concerns. Doctors Ganeles, Norkin, Aranguren and Zfaz can improve “short,”  “little” or “gummy” smiles with a variety of safe, effective and minimally invasive periodontal procedures that can often be performed in one office visit. We have performed thousands of  gum lifts and recontouring and lip repositioning procedures.

For individuals with the opposite problem, where teeth are too long, we have other solutions for covering exposed roots including recession regeneration and soft tissue gum grafts. Our patients with these problems are thrilled with the results. We are also working on solutions for “black triangles” and are close to being able to routinely provide relief from this annoying and embarrassing problem.  Just ask us! Need to see more? Take a look at a few examples of our gum and smile enhancements, then contact us for a consultation today.