Say YES to Yomi-Robotic-Enabled Surgery

Have you noticed a futuristic-looking piece of equipment in our office? At the South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we utilize a state-of-the-art Yomi robotic-assisted dental implant system to ensure that your dental implant procedure is performed as smoothly and accurately as possible, in the most minimally invasive fashion. It’s the only U.S. system that’s FDA-approved for robotic guidance in dental surgery. And we’re so happy to be able to offer it to our patients!

Precision and Accuracy

While Yomi certainly doesn’t replace the skill of your periodontist, the system’s robotic arm assists us in accurately planning and placing your dental implants at the perfect angle and depth. Real time, multi-sensory guidance gives us critical information about your teeth and jaw that otherwise may not be available. Yomi also shows us if there is sufficient bone to support an implant.

Utilizing Today’s Top Technology

The robotic arm physically guides us to the perfect angle for placement, which also means easier recovery and less discomfort for our patients and, often, shorter recovery. Robotic assisted guided surgery is one of the forward-thinking technologies we employ to ensure our patients receive today’s best periodontal care. Interested in learning more? See how our doctors bring Yomi’s advanced dental technology to our patients.