Rehabilitate Your Smile with a Full Mouth Reconstruction

couple dancing on beachAre you missing several teeth, have multiple failing teeth or are already wearing cumbersome removable, multi-tooth bridges or even full arches of dentures? Perhaps you have suffered trauma to your teeth, debilitating oral infection or have experienced failed dental treatments that have unfortunately damaged your oral health.

We’re happy to remind you that, in many instances, we can solve your issues in one day.

Teeth in One Day

With All-on-4 ™ dental implants, also known as TeethToday®, we offer tooth root (implants) with full arches of temporary teeth strategically positioned on several dental implants. The process is known as “immediate loading” because patients leave that same day with new teeth, able to smile with confidence, often for the first time in years.

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

As the name implies, patients receiving full mouth reconstructions with immediate loading procedures are having all of their teeth rebuilt or totally replaced. The objective is to improve both the aesthetics of your smile and your oral health which, we know, is so important. Combining restorative techniques and aesthetics, we ensure that your new smile is not only totally functional and healthy but now meant to last a lifetime.

Avoid “Dental Tourism”

We see patients every month who have attempted full mouth reconstructions abroad, what we call “vacation dentistry” or “dental tourism.” They desperately seek to resolve complications. Our patient Sylvia was, unfortunately, one such patient who had been told elsewhere that nothing could be done to rectify her situation following numerous failed treatments including the receipt of dental implants in another country.

We created a lovely new smile for Sylvia in one day. Says Dr. Ganeles: “…we essentially erased all of those years of failed treatment. She was able to smile. She immediately looked better and she’s going to have a great outcome because of it. This is going to last her lifetime – that’s really gratifying for her and for me.”

Listen to Sylvia discuss how her previous failed dental implants cost her both time and money, and how thrilled she was to finally regain a healthy, beautiful smile.

“He (Dr. Ganeles) saw all the problems with my (prior) implants,” says Sylvia. “I feel so, so good that I’m done – I feel free from this huge weight on my shoulders that I had to deal with for years.”

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Ganeles, Dr. Norkin, Dr. Aranguren, Dr. De Souza or Dr. Zfaz today to see how we can transform your oral health and create a beautiful smile for you, too!