Is Your Smile a DealMAKER or a DealBREAKER?

A recent New York Times article really hit home for our practice. In the piece, the author writes about a date that fizzled. He discovered the reason behind the no-go romance only in retrospect after reading his date’s rapid response questionnaire:

“Dealmaker: Great Smile.” “Dealbreaker: Bad Teeth”

Healthy Teeth Are Important for Many Reasons

It’s clear that a healthy, beautiful smile is a dealmaker for many people. In this relationship forum we also spotted where one individual posted that “having good teeth and a nice smile are very important to me. It’s the #1 physical deal breaker.” Another person, in the same forum, agreed, saying, “I don’t want to kiss a mouth filled with brown, rotted stumps.”

Rely on the Experts

If only choosing a date was as easy as researching a prospective periodontist! When considering important dental work, be sure to find a periodontist with experience and relevant credentials. Someone who you discover only attended a weekend seminar on dental implants is NOT the practitioner you want to work with.

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