Innovators in Periodontics and Dental Implants

The South Florida Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is one of the most advanced periodontal practices in the world when it comes to working with the latest and best treatment technologies to ensure the highest quality outcomes as well as patient satisfaction and comfort.

Providing the Best Options

With the FDA-approved YOMI ® Robotic-guided implant surgery, we pioneered a modern, intra-operative alternative to traditional surgical techniques that helps us in all stages of implant surgery. The tool uses real-time visual guidance that works like a GPS system to guide surgery and prevent errors. With technology like our DentalImplan® software tool, we enhance patient education, visually demonstrating current issues and clearly illustrating to patients what steps would be involved to fix the issues.

YOMI® and DentalImplan® are just two of the many innovations our practice has proudly presented the world of periodontics. Others include:

1990: Guided tissue regeneration for regeneration of bone lost to periodontal disease

1996: First immediately loaded dental implants (now called TeethToday®, All-on-4™, Done-in-One™, SameDaySmile™. OneSmile™, Renew, ClearChoice)

2003: First use in the U.S. of a computer-guided surgical navigation system for precision dental implant surgery using Israeli technology

2004: Periodontal endoscope (Perioscope) as well as REP (Regenerative Endoscopic Procedure) for minimally invasive regenerative treatment of periodontitis. With REP, we utilize the Perioscope to see below the gum line to clean tooth roots, allowing for early diagnosis of root fractures and tooth decay.

Ahead of the Pack

Take a look at our full timeline of Innovations and Advances and then call us to book your appointment today. You’ll reach a practice that offers the area’s most advanced treatment of gum disease, gum and bone rejuvenation, surgical placement of single, multiple or full arches of dental implants, laser treatments for advanced periodontitis or gum recession and more.