New or existing patients calling to schedule a maintenance visit with our hygienists Michelle, Monica or Sylvie will probably be fortunate enough to speak to Nancy Mandato.

Nancy is our bubbly hygiene coordinator who also serves as South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry’s front desk greeter, study club coordinator and coordinator of “all things social.” As of May 2021, Nancy will have been with us for 25 years, making her our longest-standing employee! And she credits a lot of her employment longevity to her special relationships with both patients and staff.

“I really enjoy getting to know our patients,” says Nancy. “I’m blessed with a good memory and remember what’s going on in each patient’s life, which is very important,” she says. “I also feel extremely proud to work with this great support team and for these esteemed dental surgeons to whom I would confidently direct anyone I know for treatment … and they have all treated me at one time or another!”

Social Coordinator and Foodie

From planning office parties and outings to celebrating personal milestones (a cake for every birthday and recognition of work anniversaries), Nancy is our event planner extraordinaire. And she manages to juggle this all in three days a week.

“I’ll work until I can’t anymore,” she says. “I’m the only one of my friends in this area that is still employed— I tell my friends that I work so I can remind them what day it is!”

Nancy is the proud mother of an adult son, a paramedic firefighter who lives in northern Florida. In her spare time, she enjoys jazzercise, traveling and visiting restaurants. In fact, she says, colleagues and friends often call her for gastronomic advice.

“I know and like good food!”