Employee Spotlight: Meet Andrea Gutierrez

When Andrea Gutierrez came to New Jersey from Colombia at the age of 14, she didn’t speak a word of English. It was a demanding period in her life due to the language barrier and a different educational curriculum. Despite the challenges, Andrea says it was a time she can now look back on as “tough but perfect” since it helped her become the strong, independent woman she is today.

Andrea, one of our popular certified surgical dental assistants, says her love for the field of dentistry probably stems from the time she was a senior in high school working part-time for a local New Jersey dentist. When part of her family opted to move to Florida, Andrea decided to say goodbye to the variable temperatures of the north and move to our warmer state as well. And we’re sure glad she did!

A Valuable Team Member

Although Andrea has only been with us since 2021, her incredible dedication to our practice and colleagues helped her be named Employee of the Month three times since the program started, less than 19 months ago. She credits her success with being part of our practice’s “close knit team” as well as the inspiration she receives from working with wonderful patients.

“Some patients are so overcome with their beautiful results they cry – it’s an emotional event for all of us here as well,” says Andrea. “And being part of their achievement makes all of us so happy.”

In Her Personal Time

The mother of two daughters she calls “my world” (Kamila (25) and Valentina (19)), Andrea loves spending time with her family. Her many hobbies include exercising, reading (especially motivational and business books), dancing and roller skating. Traveling is also important; Her bucket list includes a future trip to Croatia and Greece with her daughters.

“When I’m able to help someone regain their smile it’s an intimate, fabulous experience,” she says. “Some of these people come in with apprehension due to prior negative experiences at other practices – when I help them gain confidence again thanks to our great team of professionals it’s very rewarding.”