Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles Writes for Leading Online Dental Publication

In addition to seeing patients, our periodontists are often invited to give presentations to other dental professionals. They also teach at academic institutions in the U.S. and abroad and often share their knowledge in articles and textbook chapters. In the recently published “Is Wearing a Mask Affecting Your Dental Health” Dr. Ganeles helps dispel what we at the South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry think is a slight misconception about wearing masks.

Mask Mouth

As dental professionals, we wear masks all the time. During this pandemic, national news has introduced the phrase “mask mouth” which some individuals may incorrectly interpret to mean that wearing a mask can hurt our oral health. While the wearing of masks continues to be important to help stop the spread of this virus, Dr. Ganeles writes that the “bad smells you breathe in when wearing a mask could simply be the consequence of a drier-than-normal mouth.” He says that although “breathing through your nose under a mask might seem counterintuitive” (since you may smell this bad breath), it will help your mouth remain moist.” His “10 Tips for Dental Health” part of the article includes not only breathing through you nose when wearing a mask, but avoiding strong foods, remembering daily oral hygiene, limiting caffeine intact and more.

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You can read Dr. Ganeles’ full article here.