Dr. Ganeles “Front and Center” in Winning ITI Esthetics Competition

Dr. Ganeles received 3rd place in a recent U.S. International Team for Implantology (ITI) “esthetics” competition. His winning case study highlights a dental implant replacement of a fractured tooth in the prominent front of the mouth (central incisor). He presented the case in an online professional webinar last month.

The ITI is a global association of dental implant professionals that fosters international exchange of information. Thousands of members participate in networking by sharing their expert knowledge. For contests like this, clinician members from across the country submit case studies which are judged by a panel of peers.

Implants in the “Esthetic Zone”

Healthy teeth help us eat and speak properly. They even help us keep our bodies healthy, with studies pointing to the inflammation from gum disease relating to systemic (throughout the body) issues. But there’s no doubt that our front teeth, specifically, are the main attraction when it comes to smiling. When a front tooth is missing or damaged, patients are naturally concerned about their appearance and self-confidence.

When it comes to dental implant replacement in this part of the mouth, which we call the esthetic or smile zone, precision is imperative. Careful attention must be paid in this prominent area of the mouth so that patients are not only ensured a strong foundation, but a replacement tooth that’s been custom-designed to perfectly mimic their neighboring teeth.

Just Like Natural Teeth

Our front tooth dental implants are designed to seamlessly match your other teeth so that it would be virtually impossible to tell them apart, thereby ensuring you can smile with confidence. When compared with other choices like bridges, these front-tooth dental implants, which replace both the root and top crown of the tooth, are always your most attractive, strongest, long-lasting, and natural-looking option.

Experiencing an issue with a tooth in the front (maxillary anterior region) of your mouth? Contact us today about out “esthetic zone” dental implants. We can help you smile again beautifully with ease and comfort!