Do You Have a “Gummy” Smile?

A beautiful smile is often considered a balanced smile. When your gums show more than approximately four millimeters of gum tissue, they may seem too prominent and detract from your smile. This excessive gingival display, more commonly known as a gummy smile, can vary in proportion from person to person but overall is thought of as the appearance of too much gum tissue seen when you smile. Some individuals may even think their teeth are too small, but it’s usually not so much actual small teeth but just too much gum tissue showing.

Some people may not even be aware that we can address gummy smiles. For patients who think that their smiles are affecting their self-confidence or well-being, we offer various procedures to help individuals achieve what they will feel are more attractive smiles.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening or Gum Lift

This gum-reshaping surgical procedure can restore your self-esteem by removing some of the gum tissue and thereby restructuring the gum line so it’s higher, which shows off more of your teeth. The procedure can usually be accomplished in one visit.

Lip Repositioning

Sometimes a gummy smile is caused by the degree of movement in the upper lip, what we call a “hyperactive lip.” At the South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we can address lip hypermobility with a safe and predictable procedure known as lip repositioning or lip lowering. A minor periodontal plastic surgery procedure, lip repositioning is normally performed with only local anesthesia. The procedure is done on the inside of the mouth so there’s no scar. The result is that your lip simply won’t pull up as much when you smile, allowing more of your top teeth to be visible rather than the gum tissue.

Gum recontouring, gum lift, gum contouring, or gingivoplasty (known as gingivectomy when the gum tissue is diseased) are all procedures performed here to address gummy smiles. If you want to discuss excess gum tissue, please contact us at 561-912-9993 to schedule an appointment to determine the best treatment options for you —and your smile!