Dental Implants and Smoking: Not a Great Combination

Dr. Ganeles writes about the negative impact of tobacco usage on individuals considering dental implants in a recent guest blog feature for While tobacco usage isn’t a total contradiction for people considering dental implants, and each case needs to be individually evaluated, Dr. Ganeles notes that “it (tobacco use) can increase complications and reduce the longevity of implants and other treatments.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as Dr. Ganeles remind us, shows that tobacco use in any form can increase your risk of gum infection. Additionally, he notes,” the longer you smoke and the more cigarettes you smoke, the greater your risk of periodontal (gum) disease and bone loss on implants.”

In the guest author post, Dr. Ganeles further explains how healthy blood flow is needed for optimum healing following periodontal procedures like dental implants. Smoking restricts this blood flow and can equate to a greater susceptibility to bacterial infection. “Smoking also contributes to dry mouth, a negative situation that can create a condition in which bacteria are more apt to thrive.”

In a nutshell, “There is nothing good about smoking.” Interesting in learning more? You can read the entire article here.