¡Aquí Se Habla Español!

When you visit your dental professional, the last thing you want to worry about is a language barrier that could lead to uncertainty and stress. There’s no doubt that failure in proper communication can cause unnecessary misunderstandings on the part of the patient and the practitioner. The last thing any patient needs is frustration due to an inability to express his or her thoughts and not be clearly understood.

We Speak Spanish

If you’re looking for a Spanish-speaking, board-certified periodontist, look no further than Dr. Lilian Aranguren, our Venezuelan born and raised gum disease expert and dental implant surgeon and Dr. Samuel Zfaz, originally from Mexico City.

Dr. Lili received highest honors from University of Zulia. Due to political and economic turmoil, she left for the U.S. where she ultimately became board certified in periodontics and dental implant surgery by the American Board of Periodontology. You can read more about her interesting background here.

 Dr. Zfaz initially earned his DDS degree in Mexico and went on to receive board certification with additional education in Boston and locally at Nova Southeastern University where he still serves as a guest lecturer. You can read more about Dr. Zfaz here.

Effective Communication is So Important

Did you know that one recent U.S. study reported that Spanish speakers receive about a third less health care than other Americans? The study references one of the causes as a failure to “meet the needs of patients facing language barriers.”

 We know how important it is for our patients to be able to engage decision-making education without translators. In fact, 60% of our staff are fluent in Spanish. We even can communicate in Portuguese which is also helpful for many of our South American patients.

Interested in learning more? Nora “lived with pain and really didn’t know what it was to not have pain” until she came to the South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry and met “Dr. Lili” who, Nora says, “was an angel to me.”

For an appointment with Dr. Lili Aranguren or one of our other acclaimed and board-certified periodontists, please contact us today at 561-912-9993. We speak your language!