A GPS System for the Mouth

To ensure a lifetime of success, dental implants must be strategically positioned and angled. With advanced robotic technology, we’re able to take the art of implant dentistry a huge step forward, enhancing our efforts with unbeatable real-time guidance. This robotic assistance allows us to perform surgeries faster, more precisely and with less patient discomfort.

We Always Are in Control

At South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we’ve utilized YOMI® robotic technology since first introducing robotics to implant dentistry in 2017. Robotic technology helps us surpass standards in today’s implant dentistry with what’s called haptic guidance. A tactile “feel” helps our expert surgeons not just plan preoperatively, but precisely navigate exact positions and angles. If adjustments need to be made during actual surgery, we can do so with a few clicks of the mouse. A “beep” prevents any error. The robot arm will actually restrict any possible incorrect motion. With YOMI®, we provide some of implant surgery’s most predictable outcomes available today anywhere.

More About Robotic Assistance

Robotic-assisted surgery is not new in medical surgery. Other surgeons utilize robotics to make surgeries of the digestive system, bladder, and heart, for instance, safer, more effective and less invasive. Patients experience fewer complications, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays, and quicker overall recovery. Robotics help enhance diagnosis, staging and treating of a wide variety of issues.

Robotics in Oral Surgery

Our practice was the first worldwide to implement robotics in periodontics. We proudly continue to refine our usage of this sophisticated method. When combined with our periodontal team’s clinical expertise, YOMI® offers our patients the highest level of care available in dental implant surgery.

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