The Future is Now

Robotic-assisted surgery helps physicians across multiple medical fields provide enhanced standards of care. Doctors can perform surgery in less time, with even greater accuracy. The field of dentistry is no different.

Dr. Ganeles was a consultant for Neocis, the first company to receive FDA approval for robotic-assisted dental implant surgery with their Yomi system. Yomi’s guided surgery has been a game-changer in dental implant surgery. And our practice was the first to utilize this technology.

In fact, Dr. Ganeles is believed to have placed the first dental implant robotically in the world. He lectures across the country and internationally on this and related topics. Now, all of our doctors are skilled robotic surgeons.

Haptic Guidance

Successful implant placement requires pre-surgical planning with advanced digital planning software followed by precise location and angulation. Our robotic-assisted Yomi tool helps us maintain even greater accuracy for optimal outcomes.

Haptic guidance with Yomi gives us real-time, physical cues to assist us in ensuring we’re absolutely on target. The technology and guidance is similar to the lane departure warning system in your car. The robot will nudge the surgeon to position the implant drill so it goes to exactly the right location and prevent deviation. Your surgeon is always totally in control. This is NEVER an assembly line process!

Incorporating robotics in our dental implant surgery helps us:

  • Provide an even better patient experience
  • Optimize available bone tissue
  • Allow for increased safety
  • Maximize accuracy
  • Ensure exact angulation, location and depth

Indeed, the future of robotics in implant dentistry is NOW. If you have any questions regarding how we utilize the vast benefits of robotic technology in our dental implant surgery, make an appointment for a consultation with one of our fabulous doctors today!