Technology Leaders in Dentistry

professional pointing to x-rayCheck out Research Features’ Brace Yourself: Robotic Precision in Dental Implants” new article featuring our expert specialists Dr. Ganeles and colleagues. The insightful piece discusses technology in dentistry. In particular, the article focuses on artificial intelligence and guided dental implant surgery thanks to robotics. These are two areas in which our practice is proudly at the forefront of today’s latest and greatest dental innovations.

Digital Scanning Made Even Better

Artificial intelligence assists our specialists in reviewing digital dental x-rays, in analyzing 3D scans and verifying digital impressions even more accurately, sometimes helping us discover potential issues even earlier.

AI can help save our patients time and money. As quoted in the article in a “Personal Response” section by our doctors, “AI allows us to perform instant digital verification on these large impressions by precisely calculating the amount of error present in a digital impression. If the scan passes, production of the prosthesis continues. If it fails, a new scan can be taken immediately and instantly checked again, saving many appointments.”

Transforming Dentistry with Robotics

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re proud to remind you that our practice is credited with performing the very first robotic dental implant surgical procedure internationally. Dr. Ganeles even participated in clinical trials and helped gain FDA-approval for the system we utilize (Yomi®) which provides audio cues, haptic feedback and intuitive visuals for real-time tracking and more accurate, precise and minimally invasive implant placement by our surgeons.

Interested in learning more? Read more about Dr. Ganeles and team’s “groundbreaking efforts,” and how we proudly “refine the impact of dental robotics in the field of implant dentistry, one smile at a time.” You can also read more about robotic surgery and how it helps us deliver a better, more efficient patient experience.