Replacing Teeth is Important. Yes, Even Just One Tooth

Research from the American Dental Association shows us that more than one in three adults aged 65 and older have lost six or more teeth. Alarmingly, the ADA also says that about one in 10 in this age group have lost all their teeth. 

As a result of missing even just one tooth, problems can occur such as:

  • Shifting: Adjacent teeth can start to push into the gap, making it harder for you to clean your teeth.
  • Jawbone Resorption: When you lose a tooth, the bone in your jaw that once supported the tooth will begin to deteriorate. This atrophy can create changes in your facial appearance giving you a sunken-in appearance. Unfortunately, removable dentures don’t solve this problem.
  • TMJ Issues: Misalignment can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Even chewing and speech can be affected.
  • Loss of Confidence: Many individuals with missing teeth resort to self-imposed social isolation from embarrassment.

Dental Implants are the Top Choice for Teeth Restoration

Dental implants are always the best solution for tackling the many negative consequences of tooth loss. Artificial tooth roots in the form of titanium posts fuse with your jawbone, providing a strong foundation for replacement teeth. Whether you have just one missing or damaged tooth or need a full upper or lower arch of replacement teeth, dental implants provide the perfect look, feel and functionality of natural teeth.

It’s never advisable to leave space in your mouth. If you would like more information on replacing one or more teeth, check out our information on dental implants and schedule a consultation today.