Recap for our Patients: More Education Provided by our Doctors

The first quarter of this year has been an especially busy one for our Dr. Ganeles. In January he was a main podium faculty speaker at the International Congress of Implantologists’ (ICOI) Winter Implant Symposium held in New Orleans. His topic: Robotic-guided dental implant surgery. (Did you know? Our practice was the first to introduce Yomi®, the first FDA-approved dental robot that we use to facilitate accurate and precise dental implant surgery!)

And, speaking of innovations, February had Dr. Ganeles heading back out west as one of eight leading VISTA Institute for Therapeutic Innovations experts in soft-tissue regeneration, offering both a hands-on workshop for implant colleagues on Rh-PDGF-BB as well as a lecture on recession regeneration. The event noted that it allowed practitioners to learn from “some of the best educators in the field.” You bet!

Dr. Ganeles and Colleagues at VISTA

Last But Not Least

This month, we invited a small group of local dental colleagues for a one-hour, hands-on workshop at our office, demonstrating our use of Yomi® robotic guided surgery and the unique physical “haptic” guidance it affords us. We’re proud to remind patients that we were the first practice in the world to present this fabulous addition to traditional surgical techniques. Yomi combines our doctors’ periodontal skill with the incredible benefits of robotic guidance. In presenting, he provided examples of how we were able to treat particularly challenging problems incorporating robotics.  The message was “if we can imagine the solution, we can now deliver it!” We often refer to our robotic technology as our “GPS system for dental implant surgery.”  (More about that in a future blog – one of our favorite subjects!)

Stay tuned for more adventures of our dental specialists as they traverse the planet spreading knowledge. In the meantime, check out our Timeline of Dental Innovations for even more examples of this practice’s expertise, and schedule an appointment today with one of our five leading periodontal practitioners.