How Much Will My Dental Implants Cost?

In 1952, a Swedish orthopedic surgeon was studying bone healing and regeneration. He made a somewhat accidental discovery while studying how blood flow affects bone healing when he and his team discovered that the titanium optical devices they had placed in rabbit legs fused with the bone and couldn’t be removed. By 1965 science would allow for the placement of titanium dental implant in humans. Today, titanium is used in most dental implants with an estimated 5 million placed each year.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are our most advanced solution for missing teeth. The concept outperforms dentures by leaps and bounds. Dentures simply provide what looks like teeth and can cause sore gums. Additionally, the bone underneath the dentures can deteriorate.

Patients rave about their dental implant results. After what is often years of struggling, individuals can finally eat, speak and chew comfortably. Additionally, dental implants:

  • are actual replacements that are implanted into the jaw
  • can improve nutritional deficiencies
  • look more natural
  • help maintain your jawbone structure
  • don’t need to be removed for cleaning
  • normally last a lifetime
  • can be cared for just like regular teeth

According to various health and academic sources, adults with missing teeth may not even realize that their overall health could be in peril. Tooth loss is often the result of severe gum disease. The bacteria in the mouth can pass into the bloodstream to our organs, increasing our risks for other serious health problems like heart, kidney and lung disease, diabetes and stroke.

Cost is Greater, But Results Are, Too

A few dental implants supporting a full arch of teeth will cost more than dentures, for many reasons. First, the level of expertise required to successfully place dental implants is greater than that required for the creation of dentures. Dental surgery may need to include additional bone grafting procedures if there isn’t sufficient jawbone (often the result of missing teeth for many years). Also, tooth extraction is often required. Anesthesia as well can vary depending on patient needs. Our cost may include implant insertion, abutment and temporary crown placement as well as permanent crown.

In a nutshell, it’s nearly impossible to provide a quote without seeing a patient and taking x-rays. If someone has provided a quote without first seeing the patient, warning bells should go off. We advise anyone to think twice before considering advertised low prices which are often not only misleading but may not truly take these individual steps into consideration.

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