Dental Implants Pompano Beach

Dental Implants Pompano BeachLosing your teeth was once considered an inevitable and unfortunate part of getting older. But today, we know that tooth loss never has to be a part of the aging process.

Our goal is to maintain or restore your mouth to a healthy state, since tooth loss can lead to numerous physical, medical and psychological issues that can negatively impact your life.

The many negative consequences of tooth loss emphasize the importance of replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth as soon as possible.

South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry offers the most advanced, clinically proven dental implant technologies for residents of Pompano Beach County for replacing teeth and restoring your smile.

As your premier destination near Pompano Beach County for periodontics and implant dentistry, we pride ourselves in being skilled and equipped with multiple methods and technologies to ensure you will receive the best, safest and most predictable treatment available for your specific needs and circumstances.

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Consider this:

  • Individuals with missing teeth often feel self-conscious when they smile or talk. This negative self-image can lead to embarrassment, stress, depression, lower self-esteem and social isolation.
  • Tooth loss can lead to poor eating habits. A poor diet lacking in fresh fruit and vegetables can lead to poor nutrition, and vitamin deficiencies may be unfortunate consequences.
  • The loss of even one tooth can act as the catalyst for other serious oral issues involving your teeth, gums and jaw. When an individual’s bite is altered, adjacent teeth can decay faster and become more susceptible to periodontal gum infection. The teeth that are on either side of the lost tooth can shift into the now open space. Additionally, missing teeth can eventually lead to jaw bone loss and atrophy. As a result, facial features can change, which ages your appearance and stresses remaining teeth. Your ability to successfully replace missing teeth in the future may be complicated or compromised by not doing it soon after they are lost.

Our Pompano Beach Patients Say It Best….

Get Treatment Now and Pay for it Over Time

We offer no-interest or low interest payment plans for individuals in Pompano Beach who qualify and want to pay for their care over time. Click here to learn more or call our office at 561-912-9993.

Dental Implant FAQ’s

Will my dental insurance cover dental implants?
Dental implant treatment is often beyond the scope of dental benefits. However, we will work closely with your dental and medical insurance companies to determine whether any of your specific benefits apply to dental implant treatment.

Are there alternatives to implants that are less costly? 
Our philosophy is to treat patients once and treat them right. We have found that dental implants are often the most cost-effective treatment over a lifetime. Dental implants are kinder to adjacent teeth than a bridge or partial denture. Dental implants are also more natural, and they help preserve bone, which helps prevent the appearance of premature aging.

I have heard that implant treatment is available in other countries at a much lower cost.  Is this true?
The issue is cost versus value. The quality of dentistry performed in other countries varies considerably. In our office, patients are treated by board-certified periodontists who have extensive experience in their field. Our doctors publish, teach, and stay on the leading edge of the latest scientific advances. In our office, our motto is, “It’s never cheaper to do it twice.”