Choosing Your Dental Specialist

We recently highlighted an article Dr. Aranguren wrote for WebDental titled “Finding a Great Periodontal Practice.” In the article, Dr. Aranguren lists steps you might consider when making your decision like:

  • Checking credentials
  • Finding a dentist that is immersed in ongoing continuing education
  • Researching an office that continually updates technology, procedures and protocols
  • Reading reviews
  • Asking about infection control procedures
  • Making sure the practice monitors your overall health
  • Finding a hygienist you love
  • Asking about anesthesia and sedation alternatives
  • Researching choices in payment plans
  • Establishing that there are convenient hours to suit your schedule

Four Reasons NOT to Choose Your Dentist

We also like the way this dental professional advises how NOT to choose a dentist:

  • Don’t just pick a dentist because your current dental insurance company has reached an agreement with a particular practice regarding pricing. Insurance coverage is positive, for sure, but doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of dental work you can expect.
  • Says the author: “Good dentistry done right the first time can save you time, money and pain (physical and emotional).” The proverb “that which is cheap is dear” reflects the notion that you might initially save money on a purchase which proves expensive (dear) in the end when you must replace the item—in this case dental work-which in fact are your body parts!
  • ”Nice” Dentists recommendations are important, but the reality is that “nice” doesn’t always equate to quality care. Look for nice AND professional with proven results.
  • Driving five minutes to an appointment versus 45 is certainly a time saver, but finding the practice that you can rely on for long-term oral health is worth a few more minutes behind the wheel. How about an audio book or some good tunes?

The Bottomline When It Comes to Choosing a Practice:

You hopefully will have a long, comfortable, satisfying and productive relationship with your dental providers. The more questions you ask when signing on with a new practice, the better the result.

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