The Downside of Dental Tourism

When Sylvia came to see us, she brought with her an unfortunate history of failed dental implants obtained mostly abroad, in Costa Rica. She was naturally frustrated over what turned out to be a lot of wasted money, huge inconveniences, stress, frustration  and a resultant loss of important quality time with her family.

“It had become a burden. I was having a hard time trusting,” says Sylvia.

Dr. Ganeles conducted a full analysis of Sylvia’s situation and came up with a plan that would end Sylvia’s problems and create a new, healthy smile designed to last a lifetime.

“He didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear,” says Sylvia. “He told me what I needed to hear.”

In one day, Dr. Ganeles was able to erase years of failed treatments. He also freed Sylvia of a huge psychological weight. The overall repair process, Dr. Ganeles notes, “is not just gratifying for our patients, it’s gratifying for all of us.”

Vacation Dentistry: A Warning

Sylvia’s experiences are part of a trend the media terms “vacation dentistry” or “dental tourism.” Some individuals in dire need of dental work are enticed by what appear to be bargain prices combined with the allure of surf and sand. They lose sight of the fact that when they elect treatment with implant dentistry, they are trying to replace missing body parts for life. The reality is that shopping for low fees in foreign countries with less educated or experienced doctors and staff in less well-equipped offices is often not compatible with this goal!

Dental tourists head abroad with great expectations but often return home from their adventures with a mouth full of unresolved or worsened dental issues, no recourse and no one available to treat complications.

Red Flags of Dental Implants Abroad

  • Language issues and difficulty communicating your questions or concerns
  • Varying standards of hygiene and basic safety protocols/cross-infection control
  • Off-brand dental implants, bridges or filling materials (gray market or not FDA-approved)
  • Unsophisticated local dental laboratories and technicians
  • Complications can’t be addressed after surgery
  • Lack of oversight and patient protection

Correcting Problems, Creating Health

If you’ve had periodontal work done elsewhere, whether abroad or in this country, and it hasn’t lived up to your expectations, we often can rectify your situation. Our periodontal professionals are excellent diagnosticians and problem solvers who can analyze your problem and create beautiful, healthier smiles out of even the worst failed situations.

Check out our website Patient Video section to see what some of our other patients have said about their experiences at South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. Then contact us and schedule your consultation today!