South Florida Center For Periodontics & Implant Dentistry Reviews
3020 North Military Trail, Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33431
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Posted On: 04/23/2019 Doron C Google Review
Posted On: 04/21/2019 Recommended Th staff and Dr. Ganeles are efficient, skilled and friendly Alan E Facebook Review
Posted On: 04/20/2019 The staff and Dr. Ganeles are efficient, skilled and friendly Alan E Google Review
Posted On: 04/18/2019 BarryBeck1 Google Review
Posted On: 04/17/2019 Excellent professional care George D Google Review
Posted On: 04/11/2019 Recommended Dr. Lily is the best. I'd trust her with anything. Doug F Facebook Review
Posted On: 04/11/2019 I've had extensive work done on my teeth in spite of my fear of dentists. I walked away with beautiful teeth WITHOUT pain or discomfort. The office is very efficiently run and I highly recommend the staff, the atmosphere, and most importantly, erased any fear of dentistry. Marion S Google Review
Posted On: 04/10/2019 Dr. Norkin was excellent at explaining the results of my examination & simple preventative alternatives rather than expensive treatments I don't need. The office is very organized...I didn't wait more than 5 minutes to be seen. Overall, a refreshing experience! Jack J Google Review
Posted On: 04/09/2019 Paul H Google Review
Posted On: 04/08/2019 The best of the best in oral care. This immaculate office and their professionalism are always in evidence. Your problems are their concerns solvable by knowledgeable periodontists. Fred P Google Review
Posted On: 04/05/2019 Recommended Dr. Lilli is the best. I would recommend her to anyone. Becky L Facebook Review
Posted On: 04/04/2019 Friendly and highly professional staff. Appointment times meticulously adhered to. I even like the office art. Gilbert M Google Review
Posted On: 04/03/2019 This was my first visit. Everyone on the staff was friendly and professional. The procedure and billing were thoroughly explained and any questions I had were answered completely. I hope my procedure goes as smoothly as my initial visit. Steven S Google Review
Posted On: 04/03/2019 Yesterday, I had my first implant placed by Dr. Ganeles. It was an amazing experience: comfortable, fast, easy and painless.

I thought the office was tasteful and classy with professional staff and state of the art equipment. Dr. Ganeles is highly professional. His assistant Dianne P. was also wonderful. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the experience!

I had been to a lot of dentists in my past (very good dentists), but this one is the best of the best!
Alla P Google Review
Posted On: 04/02/2019 Lynne R Google Review
Posted On: 03/31/2019 In September 2018, I had a tremendous amount of perio work done by Dr. Aranguren and her team and they did a fantastic job. From consult to procedure day and even aftercare, the team is with you every step of the way. As long as you follow-up regularly and make sure you are keeping up with doctor’s orders, you will find success.
I highly recommend South Florida Center for Periodontics, without reservation, for all of your needs.
Much love to Dr. Lili, Linda, Gail, Raul, Sylvie, and the WHOLE TEAM!!!
Lamia A Google Review
Posted On: 03/28/2019 Recommended the best dentists for periodontics and implant dentistry in the south. took me seven years to get to them! i am a dental hygienist from west palm beach and will travel to find the very best!! Harriet S Facebook Review
Posted On: 03/28/2019 Raquel S Google Review
Posted On: 03/06/2019 Dr. Liliana Aranguren is an excellent periodontist! I have practiced dental hygiene locally for over 40 years, and can professionally say that she is at the top in this field! The procedure for my molar implant was painless, the office is immaculate, the staff is friendly and accommodating and Dr. Lili has such a warm and welcoming personality that you are immediately put at ease. Her touch is gentle and her knowledge is extensive. I highly recommend her to not only my own patients, but to anyone looking for excellent periodontal treatment. Thank you! Kathryn B Google Review
Posted On: 03/06/2019 Dr Liliana is the greatest dental surgeon you will ever find. She is courteous and prompt and gets the job done. Jeffrey A Google Review
Posted On: 03/03/2019 Carmela B Google Review
Posted On: 03/01/2019 Robert S Google Review
Posted On: 02/22/2019 From the receptionist to the clinician and ultimately to Dr. Lily and her assistant Gail the treatment I received was absolutely first class and totally professional. I had a tooth extracted, a bone graft and an implant and Dr. Lily explained each step as she went along. Earlier this evening she followed up to see how I was doing and told me to reach out to her if things didn’t feel right. There should be more people, let alone professionals, who are this thoughtful and competent. Should the need occur, I thoroughly recommend Dr. Lily Aranguren and the staff of the S. Florida Center for Perio & Implants. Burton G Google Review
Posted On: 02/21/2019 Dr. Sammy and his staff provided exemplary care during a routine molar extraction. Sam L Google Review
Posted On: 02/21/2019 Gerald experience was wonderful. Dr. Lilly was gentle and caring. No pain. Ruth Z Google Review
Posted On: 02/12/2019 I am honored to place this review for Dr Illiana, who did work on 3 teeth that needed removal, implant posts and temporary's . Dr. Illiana is truly a professional, kind and caring all of her patience's. There is NO ONE I would trust anymore than her and her ability to overcome the toughest procedure. She is no doubt a 5 STAR Dr. whom I would recommend and I am delighted to make this review for all to see. I give permission to there office for anyone to call there office and ask for my phone number for those who would like to speak directly with me........Norm LoPresto Norm L Google Review
Posted On: 02/05/2019 Dr. Aranguren is the most professional, talented, bright and caring periodontist I know. I completely trust her to take care of my own patients. She is a great clinician, she has a great understanding of dentistry from the surgical and restorative standpoint. But most importantly, she truly wants what is best for the patients. It’s so pleasant to work with her. I love her! Dr. Nelly Perez. DDS. Nelly P Google Review
Posted On: 02/04/2019 Fabulous Experiences Here! Don't Be Afraid! They are the Best!
I was very nervous for my first appointment at this office and Dr. Liliana Aranguren put me at ease right away. She is friendly, welcoming, gentle and very smart and thorough. It was recommended that I set up 3 appointments for deep cleaning and I was nervous about those as well. Nothing to be nervous about at all! Dr. Aranguren was so friendly and professional. She is so enthusiastic and an expert in her field! She completely turned me around in dental hygiene and I had great results immediately. She is worth her weight in gold. Everyone in the office is terrific and I won't hesitate to recommend this office to everyone! Thanks so much!
Mary P Google Review
Posted On: 02/04/2019 First Class Marc R Google Review
Posted On: 02/03/2019 Dr. Liliana Aranguren LIED to me and told me I NEEDED Mucogingival Surgery. I went to another Periodontist and she explained to me in depth that this procedure is NOT necessary. Dr. Aranguren was very adamant that this surgery needed to be done ASAP and stated 'Your teeth are close to falling out'. When I initially told her I needed a second opinion she became irate and insulting towards me. There is never any need to cast insults. Dr. Aranguren seems to be preoccupied with finding unnecessary procedures to perform and looses focus of what is appropriate. I can't recommend her based on these clear faults. Maria G Google Review