Myths About Dental Implants Dispelled

Do dental implants become as strong as your natural teeth? (Yes!) Will you need to purchase special tools to care for your dental implant? (Probably not.) Will other people be able to see the difference between your dental implant and your natural teeth? (No!).

Fact-sharing and myth dispelling are important parts of what our doctors and support team do to make sure our patients totally understand the treatments, procedures and dental implant solutions we offer. If you’re not totally comfortable with the information you’ve been provided, or your expectations are less-than stellar, we’ve done something wrong.

With hundreds of dental implant procedures performed and thousands of teeth successfully replaced each year, we are experts in the field.  We have more than 1,600 5-star reviews since we began tracking these numbers and know that your overall experience depends on more than just clinical professionalism. We take educating our patients very seriously. If you don’t think we’ve gone the extra mile in explaining your individual situation to you, please be sure to let us know! 

Read More About Dental Implant Myths

Dr. Samuel Zfaz dispels dental implant myths in a recently published article on the Health2Wellness blog, an online source for health policy communication, fitness tips, health service delivery topics and more.

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