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Keeping Dental Implants Healthy for Life

While dental implants are excellent, predictable and long-lasting replacements for natural teeth, they are not foolproof or necessarily trouble-free for life. They require professional cleaning and care just like natural teeth. We provide these ongoing care through our expert hygienists who have specific training and experience in managing dental implants after they are restored.

Ongoing care for dental implants should include:

  • Gentle cleaning above and below the gumline
  • Annual measurement of the depths of the gum around each implant
  • Assessment of gum health for presence of bleeding or inflammation (none is normal)
  • Periodic xray evaluation of implants to assess bone stability
  • Periodic assessment of crown or bridge stability (no mobility is normal)

It has been shown that some patients are more prone to implant problems than others. Patients who lost teeth due to periodontal disease, patients who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day, patients who have poorly controlled diabetes or patients that have other health conditions or are taking certain medications are more likely to have implant complications.

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