Employee Spotlight: Meet Tracy Anderson Butler

Many of you may not come in contact with this team member during your visits to our practice, but Tracy Anderson Butler is an important part of our staff here at the South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. As director of educational services, Tracy acts as our practice ambassador, helping us to strengthen our relationships with our valued referral network and build impactful continuing educational strategies. She’s also been instrumental in helping us broaden our tele-dentistry capabilities, a relatively new platform which serves our referral network of partnering dentists and patients.

A registered dental hygienist, Tracy’s decades-long expertise extends well beyond chairside care. She was a clinical instructor at Palm Beach Community College in their dental hygiene program. Her passion for the dental world allows her to build partnerships with major dental companies and practices like ours. She also serves as a thought leader and motivational speaker.

Helping One of Our Own

Sometimes members of our own “family” need periodontal assistance. Last year, when Tracy broke a tooth, she immediately knew where to turn.

“From the moment I called the office to report a painful, broken tooth, my concerns were totally alleviated,” recalls Tracy about her personal dental emergency. “Dr. Ganeles removed the broken tooth, placed a permanent dental implant and then meticulously crafted a provisional crown that perfectly matched my smile and felt great.”

In her spare time, Tracy loves deep sea fishing and boating with her husband and son.