Can a “Strong” Bite Hurt Your Teeth?

Judy was dealing with advanced periodontal disease as well as failing dental implants that, years earlier, had been placed by another practice. Additionally, she had a very strong bite, which was problematic for a variety of reasons.

What is a Balanced Bite?

Bite balance is how your top and bottom teeth properly fit together. Our teeth, among the strongest structures in our bodies, are still vulnerable to wear and tear. If your bite is off, you may inadvertently and incorrectly shift your jaw muscles and damage your teeth, promoting issues like bruxism (grinding) TMD (temporomandibular disorder) with accompanying symptoms like stiffness, pain, clicking noises and headaches. An unbalanced bite is also particularly damaging to your jaw bone if you have periodontitis, are missing teeth or have been restored with dental implants. When bites become imbalanced or misaligned (malocclusion) care is often needed to correct the smile and bite balance.

Malocclusions can be caused by:

  • Lost or damaged teeth
  • Teeth that are different sizes
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Upper and lower jaw size differences
  • Injury/trauma

One Patient’s Solution

Judy needed teeth replacements to help her achieve a balanced bite. We were able to place dental implant-supported permanent restorations at the perfect height to allow her to speak, chew and smile with confidence while also helping to mitigate her clenching, grinding and “strong” bite.

Dr. Norkin placed dental implants in Judy’s upper and lower arches, strategically situating the replacement teeth to alter her bite positively and absorb pressure. You can see Judy discuss her situation on this short video. “Dr. Norkin’s office saw me as a person, not just another case.”

If you are interested in dental implants and suspect you have a deep or strong bite that could be damaging your smile, we can offer the right adjustments you need for relief. Contact our office today for the area’s finest periodontal and implant dentistry in an especially comfortable, friendly atmosphere.