Ahead of the Curve: Using the Latest Periodontal Technology and Tools

Dr. Ganeles once again teamed up with colleagues for a clinical article, this one in the October issue of Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry, writing about a material called volume-stable collagen matrix (VSCM).

The Fibro-Gide® VSCM product is a porcine material used for soft-tissue regeneration as well as recession coverage. It’s one of our latest resources we use when augmentation is needed around dental implants. Dr. Ganeles notes that VSCM is a promising material with favorable healing characteristics, one that has shown clinical advantages over some other palatal grafts when it comes to augmenting the volume and thickness of peri-implant tissues.

For the research, Dr. Ganeles contributed a case study of a patient who had come in for tooth extraction and immediate implant placement due to a fractured tooth. Dr. Ganeles describes how the use of VSCM “avoided the need for a second surgical site in the palate, minimizing the amount of post-operative follow-up and patient discomfort.”

Expertise In the Office and Beyond

In addition to treating patients at South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, Dr. Ganeles is an adjunct associate professor at Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine, a clinical assistant professor for Boston University’s Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry and a Fellow of several prestigious periodontal organizations.

Dr. Ganeles, Norkin, Aranguren, and Zfaz work together to help introduce innovative procedures and technology to the practice. They write for periodicals and help coordinate our Spear and ITI Study clubs which keeps colleagues current on the latest research and protocols. This continuing education experience helps professionals (including dental hygienists) refine and implement new clinical applications. Professionals gather in person or virtually and exchange ideas which helps practices achieve better care for patients.

Ask us about our latest news next time you visit the practice. We’re always happy to discuss exciting advancements in periodontics!