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Sinus Lifts Increase the Success Rate of Dental Implants

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50% of Bone is Lost Within 3-6 Months Following Tooth Loss

When a tooth is lost or extracted, your jawbone loses the natural stimulation it receives from the tooth roots and can atrophy. This leads to deterioration and recession of the bone over time, causing the area to look sunken in or depressed. To restore natural contour and appearance of the smile, or to prepare for the placement of dental implants to replace the missing teeth, the periodontists of SFCPID have several methods of addressing this problem.

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    Short implants are often recommended, which require less bone support, yet can be equally successful, avoiding the need for any strengthening or grafting at all. SFCPID doctors have a long history using short implants, even when others have not and provided some of the early research documentation showing them to be viable alternative. Implants are typically ready to restore after 2-3 months of healing

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    Minimally invasive bone augmentation- in most cases where short implants are not feasible, we can do a very limited, yet effective procedure called an “osteotome” augmentation which is done at the same time as implant placement. Implants are typically ready to restore 3-4 months after this procedure

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    “Sinus lift” procedures are reserved for the most extreme cases with severe bone loss, most often caused by severely abscessed teeth or long term tooth loss. These in-office procedures are very successful, but generally require 6 months or more of healing time before implants can be placed. After that, another 3 months is typically allowed before implants are restored

Increased Bone Height = Stable Support for Permanent Implants

A sinus lift can be performed two different ways depending on your situation, either by gently lifting the sinus into a more desirable position to encourage natural bone growth, or by grafting bone to the floor of the sinus to increase bone height. With either method, the purpose of the procedure is to better prepare the area for the placement of dental implants, especially for those patients that may not qualify otherwise. About four to nine months after you receive a sinus lift, the area will have healed and we can place your new dental implants for a permanent smile enhancement.

Sinus Management Boca Raton, FL
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Proper Bone Levels = Successful Tooth Replacement

Correct and adequate bone support is directly related to the success of dental implants. Without enough bone for the implants to attach to, they face complications that could cause them to fail or have poor esthetics. By performing a bone graft in areas of reduced bone support, we can ensure there is enough bone to successfully adhere to the implants to hold them in place and look great for a long-term replacement solution.

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