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Overdentures are the Secure Alternative to Dentures

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The Problem with Removable Dentures

Removable dentures have been used for decades to replace missing teeth. Under many circumstances, however, even the best-made removable denture will often fail to demonstrate adequate retention and stability. This is particularly the case in patients where gum disease or ill-fitting dentures have caused jawbone deterioration or shrinkage. This natural result of tooth loss, otherwise known as ridge atrophy, has been challenging dentists and frustrating denture wearers for decades.

Experience Denture Security with Overdentures

Over the past two decades, implant-supported overdentures have significantly improved the quality of life for denture patients. Dental implants–titanium anchors placed in the jawbone–can be used to attach removable dentures with snaps, clips or other locking mechanisms. Without these implant-retained attachments, the dentures would be held in position only by suction in the upper jaw and gravity in the lower jaw.
The use of dental implants as anchors dramatically improves the comfort, stability and retention of dentures. For long-suffering denture wearers, reassurance comes in the form of a satisfying and secure “snap” when overdentures are sealed into place. Overdentures can also significantly improve facial appearance, and they are less costly than some other types of fixed implant treatment.

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Again

Two to four implants are used to anchor lower dentures to the lower jaw. Virtually all patients, even those with advanced atrophy, have adequate bone left to undergo this treatment. In general, the greater the number of implants used, the more secure the denture will remain. But even patients who elect to have two implants experience a substantial improvement and can chew with confidence again.
In the upper jaw, four to six implants are spread out to retain the upper denture. With adequate bone and implant support, it is possible to make a U-shaped upper denture and avoid covering the palate with a plastic base. This improvement helps patients avoid gagging, experience better taste sensation and regain the joy of eating.

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